Open Face


RRP: $699.95 SOLID

The SZ-R VAS is the new open-face helmet from Arai, with an advanced shell using our latest VAS design, improving the protection and glancing off ability in a critical area. With a revised visor, the option to fit a PRO Shade and featuring RX-7V diffuser technology and an updated interior, which improves fit and comfort. The new SZ model is also ready for the addition of speakers and/or use of glasses.

Sizes SM-XL*


OuterShell Construction: PB-CLC2

VariableAxis System (VAS)

FrontVentilation: Center top vent - intake

RearVentilation: Neck exhaust vent

RearVentilation: Side exhausts

Aerodynamics:Patented Air Wing® non-adjustable

Interior:Antimicrobial Liner material

Interior:Replaceable Cheek pads/Ear cups

Interior:Replaceable Interior

Interior:Replaceable Chinstrap covers

Interior:Speaker pockets

Interior:5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Ear cups/Cheek pads

Interior:5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad

Interior:Water resistant layered cheek pads

Interior:Removable slit for glasses

General:Five times inspected

General:Washable interior


General:All-day comfort

General:Penetration tested

General:Double-D ring device

General:Smooth shape, better protection

General:Hard outer shell, soft inner shell

General:Organic shape

General:Different outer shells

General:5-year limited warranty